Artist Name: Paul ViantPhoto Title: boy [4-5] blowing dandelionDate Taken: N/AURL:
This photo is a great example of "Someone being perceived as good". This is a great example because the little boy in this picture seems to have endless amounts of innocence. He demonstrated innocence mainly because of the cute smirk he has on his face, and the fact that blowing a dandelion seems to come across as a "pure" and "nice" activity. Also, his location was key. The fact that he seems to be playing in a nice field, probably in a nice community, kind of adds the "good" vibe.

Artist Name: Erik DreyerPhoto Title: Child painting on a carDate Taken: N/AURL:
This photo is a good example of "Someone being perceived as bad". This is a good example because the little boy in the picture is painting probably one of his parents cars. While I feel like this photo doesn't mean the kid is bad, because he probably wasn't even aware of his actions. This photo is someone being perceived as bad because of the little boys actions, painting on the car.

Artist Name: Victoria PhippsPhoto Title: Collecting LightDate Taken: N/AURL:
This photo is a key example of showing someone being happy. I think that it is a key example of someone being happy because she just exerts happiness. Nothing about her facial expression show that she is facing some type of sadness, and that life is good. Partially why I think this photo is showing happiness is because of the summer type of mood. In summer life is so much easier, and funner. I feel like this photo was taken in summer, because of the nice greens in the lawn and the endless amounts of sunlight hitting the subjects face. This is why I think this photo really is a good example of someone being happy.

Artist Name: Ana AbejonPhoto Title: SadDate Taken: N/AURL:
This photo is a good example of someone being perceived as unhappy. This girl is clearly unhappy because she seems to be crying to herself secretly on her bed or some other location that she finds comfort crying in. She looks like something tragic has just occurred in her life. The possibilities really are endless, her boyfriend could have just broke up with her, there could have been a death in the family, she could have even failed one of her classes. No matter what happened to this girl it is apparent that she is unhappy with her life in that moment.

Artist Name: JasminaPhoto Title: Beautiful woman in black laceDate Taken:N/AURL:
I think that for my last journal, someone that has a secret, this is a great image. Overall the model used for this image is stunning, not a flaw anywhere. This is partially the reason that I chose this photo because of her beauty. Another reason why I chose this picture is because it is a good example of having a secret. The reason why It looks like she has a secret is because of her finger over the lips, signaling that she told someone something, and it must be kept a secret. Also, the very intense look on the models face signals that she is keeping something really important secret.