Journal 3: Rule of thirds
Label: Rule of Thirds 1Artist's Name: JupiterimagesPhoto Title: Friends Receiving MassagesDate Taken: n/aURL:

Label: Rule of Thirds 2Artist's Name: Gerald FritzPhoto Title: Hiker on Mission Peak, CaliforniaDate Taken: n/aURL:

Label: Rule of Thirds 3Artist's Name: Robin BartholickPhoto Title: Butcher Singing into Microphone by Meat CounterDate Taken: n/aURL:

Label: Rule of Thirds 4Artist's Name: Martin BarraudPhoto Title: Businessmen with their heads inside metal tubingDate Taken: n/aURL:

Label: Rule of Thirds 5Artist's Name: Andrew RichPhoto Title: Give Business a boingDate Taken: n/aURL:
The purpose of Journal 3 was to find five images that showed the rule of thirds, and write a paragraph describing the five of them, and what I liked about the images. In the first image, I like that in the rule of thirds, the only third not being used is the center, which was the point, it has great symmetry. In the second image, only the last third of the image is being used, and it really shows the landscape in comparison to the hiker. The third image is of a barber singing, and only the first third is being used. It is a very weird image, which I like, but it also does the job of the rule of thirds. The fourth image is like the first, it is very symmetrical, and it uses the first and last third, and leaves the center open. The last image is of a businessmen having fun on a pogo stick, it is barely on the last third, but I think it gets the point across. I like how different this image is, and that it puts a spin on something that could be boring.