Name: Sam Shumski
Label: Light as subject matter: Reflection
Artist: Christian Gstottmayr
Photo Title: Shouting out of the Mirror
Date Taken: n/a
Web Address:
This photo interests me because it is creative, and a portrait. It is clear that this image is a finished product of Photoshop, but it shows that people have two
sides. I like the portraiture, it is my favorite kind of photography, I think that it is the best way to express the artist’s creative view. The category of light of subject matter shown is reflection, while it is clearly a reflection in the mirror; it has more of a sentimental meaning showing that he is very complex, and many sided.


Name: Sam Shumski
Label: Light as subject matter: Shadow
Artist: Matthias Clamer
Photo Title: Silhouette of man walking on bridge at night
There were many things that interested me with this image. The first thing that really caught my eye was the size of the shadow in comparison to the man. The difference of size definitely adds a huge level of perspective. Another example of perspective in this shot, is the bridge, getting more and more narrow as the bridge lengthens. Another thing that interested me about this image was the lighting. I like how around the mans head, he has a “god-like” orb. I feel like this symbolizes the end of his journey across the bridge. I also like the lighting that splits the middle of the bridge. Another thing that I like about the photograph is that it has a very vintage feel, almost like it was shot with film, instead of a digital SLR system. I prefer the look of film compared to the clarity of a DSLR. Also, the aperture is very high, because most of the image is in focus, which works better for the whole composition of the photo. The light as subject matter is clearly represented in shadow form.


Name: Sam Shumski
Label: Light As Subject Matter: Light vs. Dark
Artist Name: Vitally Pilltser
Photo title: Square crop portrait of half lit male face
This photo is a great example of light vs. dark. When I first saw this image, I thought of something evil, something mischievous. I felt this way because most of his face is black, the eyes are most of the reason why. This may sound weird, but I feel like this is the man in the horror movies that will sneak up behind me in the dark. Even though it isn’t a photograph that can easily be described, it does make you think. I love the portraiture in this photo. Black and white portraits normally come out the best, and it definitely worked in this photograph. I like the design of the photograph, it has great composition. I like how simple this photo is, probably wasn’t a “production” shot, easy to be remade, but it says a lot. Light is the subject matter because of the contrast between light vs dark.