Elements of art

Journal Portion:
Artist's Name: Mienny PhotographyPhoto Title: Highway at NightDate Taken: n/aURL: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/108220450/Vetta
This image is supposed to illustrate the Element of Art: Line. I feel like this photo is an excellent example of line. This photo shows line in the reflection of the cars driving on the highway at night. The best example of line in the photo is the red lights on the right side of the picture, there are two, and they are relatively thick. Those show the line of the photo. I also like in this photo that it captures everything, the sunset, the separation of lanes. It is also a great example of light vs. dark, and a high depth of field.

Artist's Name: Paul Myers-BennettPhoto Title: School boyDate Taken: 1959URL: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/116640397/Fototrove
This image is supposed to illustrate shape. Normally, when I think of shape, I would think of maybe the ring of a glass, or the shape of food. But when I came across this image I thought it was strikingly different. It is different, because I did not think that a portrait could have the amount of shapes that this one does. A few examples of shape in this image, and probably the biggest example, the shape of the glasses which are a circle. Also in this image, the pattern on the sweater resemble diamonds. Lastly, the boy's collar resembles a triangle. I feel like this is really unconventional for a photo of shape, but it does the job better than any boring picture of tableware, or food.

Artist's Name: Digital VisionPhoto Title: Young Couple in Evening Wear Leaning on a Wrought Iron GateDate Taken: n/aURL: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/dv1204009/Digital-Vision
This image is a great illustration of value. I think that it is a great illustration of value because it has a great variation of color, perspective, and shows the rule of thirds being used at it's best. It has a great value of color because of the blacks on the fence, and the evening wear. Also it has greens in the bushes, and lighter greens in the trees and grass. It has value in the rule of thirds due to the fence, the first half of the fence is the first third, the people are the second third, and the remainder of the fence is the third third, completing it. Overall the image is at great value, not price wise, but talent wise.

Artist's Name: Stanislav SolntsevPhoto Title: Portrait of old manDate Taken: n/aURL: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/110168748/Photodisc
This image is probably the favorite out of the line, shape, and value images I have wrote about this far. I feel like out of all the pictures this is the strongest example of texture. What first caught my eye was the wrinkles on the old mans face, which show a bumpy texture, which is definitely a good example of texture, especially on the cheeks you can see the ripples. Another strong example is the mustache, which appears to have a rather rough, bushy texture. Also on the neck of the old man, the two lines show a raised texture compared to the rest of his neck.

Artist's name: Tom BonaventurePhoto title: The pyramids with camel in the forgroundDate Taken: n/aURL: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/109452870/Photographers-Choice
Form was a rather confusing topic for me because in all honesty, I had no clue what form was in photography until i researched it using artlex. Thanks to artlex I learned that it can mean the form of the shape the photo makes, or the formal meaning of the photo (color, mass, scale, etc.) They also gave a good example which were pyramids, so I chose a picture of a pyramid on getty images. Pyramids show good form because they are in the form of a 3D shape... the lines connect to make a shape.

Artist's name: Pete AtkinsonPhoto Title: Sunrise on tropical beachDate taken: n/aURL: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/104531397/Photographers-Choice
Color is represented in a photo by having various amounts of it. Whether it be the hues, tints, or just a variety of different colors each represented in an image. This image doesn't have a full range of colors, but it does have different hues of colors. If you start at the top right corner, there is a very dark blue, but if you move left the blue gets lighter and lighter. Then they're dark reds, almost purples, that lead into very flaymobant reds. As we get closer to the actual sun, the orange is mixed with the red in the sky, but on the ground it is a very "crayola" orange. Then the yellow gets lighter as it gets closer to the sun. This photo was an excellent example of color.

Artist's name: photography©Michaela's VisionPhoto Title: Coloured strawsDate Taken: n/aURL: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/90086384/Flickr
The last element of art to be showcased in this project was space. Space can be shown in many different ways, positive and negative, flat and 3d, open or closed. In this photo it shows open space. The open space is shown within the holes of the straw... compared to the rest of the straw space that seems to lead to a black hole. The shape is in circle form, which is common based on my searches through getty images.

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